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Hi thanks for taking the time to download the MaxxHi5 audio tools at this project.
Please consider making a donation of your choice, to help me keep this project, running before it ends up, extinct.
By making a contribution, it helps me to do updates here, as i am the only developer left that has any control on this project.

Many Thanks,
Former CEO & Founder, developer, Technologyist at MaxxHi5.
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***For the non-windows users, you can now use this software here, just like windows users can.
I would also like to say that all applications run, well all VSTs run fine too, on non-windows "BUT" you must have a compatibility layer installed such as wine.

Question: So will this mean that "MaxxHi5 Loop Player" works too on a non-windows system like it works good windows?

Answer: Well, Yes and No (at the moment), *UPDATE*>i managed to get the application fully working under non-windows, platforms, you need to install;

.net framework (minimum of version 1.1 or higher) in wine, via Prefix NOT via downloading
the .dot net framework via microsoft directly and installing the file. You need to enter the prefix wine tricks script clean, via terminal, also will need to install service pack too which all the script you need, then enter it in terminal.
I had problems and it was bit of a pain, i got their in the end, i will offer more information & support on this matter later on in the future, but for now please look on wine's website here for the installing .net frame work in this search - Good Luck!

Question: If MaxxHi5 project is completed why come back here?

Answer: That is a good question that needs to be said, well the downloads are still popular so i decided to help out now and then so the development was not all for nothing in the past i guess.
It is completed for the time being, just trying to save MaxxHi5, also people seem to like some of the stuff here.

Question: Where is the forum???

Answer: The old forum is long gone......